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How to Add a CC License to Your Work

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Anatomy of a CC License

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Copyright Law

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What is Creative Commons?

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Using CC-Licensed Works

In this post, you’ll be learning how to use CC-licensed works to create collections and adaptations. I’ll define what a collection is and what an adaptation (and its various names) is and the difference between them. I’ll also provide examples, as well as discuss licensing considerations for both creations. What is a collection? Though a collection can be difficult to discern at time, and that’s not even considering that different Read More


Passion Passion is not volume but rather the soul bearing dusk that echoes an omniscience  creator Passion is not visible but it is the quiddity of lost myths and legends the heart needs to feel to sustain its existence Passion is the mother that holds and feeds her child close to her breast, her milk providing nourishment to survive Passion is the wrinkles that ripple and crinkle around one’s body Read More

The One

The One I don’t mind being the one to tell the world: you’ve mistreated me. Generations after generations; centuries after centuries, monotonous mistakes are repeated because children become adults nursing home-grown ideologies. It’s the foundation of modern relations. Today’s continuous ignorance is no surprise— It’s no mystery that the collective African diaspora is still fiction; an action thriller glamorized because the view of mainstream media is still filtered through a Read More